Santosh radiates a unified presence, the hallmark of fully actualised Kundalini experience. Her writings are the outcome of many years of Kundalini experience – from initial awakening through the resultant, progressive process of ever-increasing, integrative wholeness.Santosh is also a lovely woman who selflessly shares her experience and serves as a guide for many on the evolving path of Kundalini Yoga. I am thus honoured to write this Foreword to this book of questions and answers about Kundalini culled from her experience of many years.

My guru, Swami Muktananda Paramahansa, was a Kundalini adept. For twelve years, he personally trained me in the art and science of Kundalini Yoga. He often reminded me that while it was relatively easy to awaken Kundalini energy, it was the mark of the master to guide it to its culmination in substantiated wholeness, or the experience of unified consciousness. Santosh validates this time-honoured principle as she masterfully guides her students through this intricate and transformative journey. It is further stated, in the classical tradition of Kundalini Yoga, that the authentic Kundalini master must fulfill specific qualifications. First, he or she must be substantiated in the state of unified consciousness which is validated by their holistic presence. Secondly, their unified state of being must serve as the empowerment that awakens and guides the Kundalini energy in their disciples. And thirdly, they must be thoroughly trained under the empowering guidance of a Kundalini guru, and thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of the evolving Kundalini experience. In my humble opinion, Santosh Sachdeva thoroughly fulfills all these qualifications as is evidenced not only in her writings, but also in the very living of her daily life and her interactions with those she empowers, awakens and guides.

In this modern world, there are many would-be gurus, some half-baked and some hardly baked at all. True and authentic masters are rare indeed.

As you read these rich pages, you will encounter a true and authentic master of Kundalini experience. I encourage you to be grateful for what you have found, and to celebrate your most fortunate experience. It is said that when the student is ready, the master comes. If you are reading this book, you are ready. Now, simply open yourself to the authentic master who has come. In doing so, you will come to know Santosh Sachdeva as the adept that she is and you will inevitably love her, as do I, for all that she embodies and so selflessly shares.

It is said that the true guru is the one who takes you from the darkness of ignorance into the light of truth. It is my sincere hope that you will flower within this experience, and come to know Santosh by the name. I have given her… Mataji… which means… Dear Mother. May Mataji Santosh Sachdeva shower you with her many blessings while you are reading this most masterful book.

From the Foreword to Kundalini Meditation – Volume 1
Master Charles Cannon
H. H. Swami Vivekananda Saraswati
April 2010


“Who am I?” This is the question that set many masters on their spiritual journey. Renowned sage Ramana Maharshi has answered this question very beautifully: “The physical body, its vital functions, the mind and the state of deep sleep are not “I”. “I” is the knowledge that alone remains after negating all of the above …nature of which is sat-chit-ananda.” No one answered it better. But what actually matters is individual experience in these realms. This varies from person to person and also with the path one chooses – that of knowledge, of devotion, or of action.

I should say Santoshji had the blessings of her Guru accompanying her throughout these commendable practices and experiences. A Guru can guide us through words, deeds, mere presence, or even an awareness of he/she ‘being there’.

I am happy that our friend, Santosh Sachdeva, is one of those luckiest few who could ask the question and experience the answer. This book Who am I? is a guide to the infinite possibilities hidden in us and the larger spiritual-scape that opens with self-discovery.

From the Foreword to Who Am I?
Padmashri P. R. Krishna Kumar
Managing Director, The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (CBE) Ltd., Coimbatore, India


‘Ma’ Santosh Sachdeva is a Master and Teacher wholeheartedly engaged in her empowered mission of demystifying the Kundalini process of spiritual evolution, for the contemporary aspirant with little exposure to ancient mystic traditions. She presents these teachings in an easy to understand Question and Answer manner for readers who wish to start exploring their own energy – in a gentle voyage of self-discovery.

She is a celebrated writer of original books on Kundalini, in effect releasing a new understanding of the process of spiritual evolution in the physical body. This she does in a very simple, direct and unassuming way, devoid of forbidding abstruseness.

Her mission also worked its magic on her own self, as she has gradually emerged from self-imposed restrictions to step into her natural radiance as a spiritual counsellor, guide and teacher… and a respected Mataji!

Her latest offering, also in the Question and Answer format, further elucidates, in a very elegant yet typically nurturing and encouraging manner, the process of self-unfoldment for the practitioner of ancient wisdom.

Sri Ma Amodini Saraswati, Sarvatmak Foundation, Rishikesh




The illustrations of the workings of the ascending Kundalini energy are unique and unprecedented. In all the history and all the literature about the Kundalini, there has never been anything like this in detail and delineation of the actual processes. This is a large claim, but a valid one.

The book is full of such practical experiential wisdom for all those who are on the path of meditation and Kundalini. It is also worth emphasising again that another person’s experience will never be precisely duplicated in your own meditations, but the book outlines the broad general principles within which you can easily find your specific individual context.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the reaction to the manuscript that came from a practitioner of Peruvian shamanism. It just emphasised the point made in Volume II that these experiences are not Hindu or yogic but universal. Indeed, such experiences are almost generic to the mystical tradition, the differences being not in the actual experiences but in interpretations thereof. This is understandable.

On a personal note, I wish to conclude with my own testimony as to the worth of this book. Between Volumes II and III something astonishing happened. My spiritual practices, spotty and sporadic then, caused my own Kundalini to awaken and begin its processes. I might add, I was apparently the least likely person this could happen to. Santosh’s book was of incalculable value to me in that it clarified many experiences before they could even begin to darken into doubts and fears. The loneliness of the person who has an active Kundalini cannot be grasped, for normal people either do not understand or are dismissive. The experiences of Santosh however, were a great map to navigate by. I think I was spared all the natural worry that the sheer enormity of the event engenders, and could just relax and enjoy what was unfolding. There is simply no doubt that Santosh’s pioneering work made the path easy for me.

From the Preface to Kundalini Awakening
Rohit Arya, author of The Sacred India Tarot


First, a disclosure: Santosh happens to be a friend of mine. Having said that, I would still recommend this book strongly to those on the Kundalini path. She offers her expertise to you through her second book Kundalini Meditation – Questions and Answers, Vol. 2.

Her credentials for the task are impeccable. Santosh herself went through a Kundalini awakening and recorded her experiences meticulously in previous books. That apart, she has been studying the import of her experience through reading available literature. Most important of all, the awakening has manifested into peace, wisdom and understanding. The book gives ample evidence of all three qualities. The perspective she offers is flawless. For instance: to a question on what causes the Kundalini shakti to get active, she says, “Kundalini can awaken naturally… if one lives a well-balanced life …” The sound common sense, the equable tone and the caring guidance all add up to an exceptionally useful book for the Kundalini aspirant.

Suma Varughese, Editor, Life Positive Magazine



Experiences narrated in the book are but manifestations of the all-pervading eternal spirit.

Justice B. N. Srikrishna, Bombay High Court



I very much enjoyed reading the book. Much of the ‘Realization of Self’ and equanimity when confronted by adversity, has been described by Santosh Sachdeva in a lucid manner in her book… will bring much insight into the purpose of life to many readers.

T. V. Kumar, Educational Facilitator (Atlanta/NW), Sri Sathya Sai Baba Organization of Canada



An important piece of inspired writing. I have carefully gone through this book and its captivating illustrations. The net effect has been a sense of joy and amazement. This is the more remarkable because she has not travelled to the forests or the Himalayas and because awakening the Kundalini is not usually described by women. The author is a gentle and authentic person… indeed the recipient of the Divinity’s very special gifts and graces. Her humility and openness run true. It is my pleasure to warmly recommend the book to anybody who can still be fascinated by the mysterious treasures hidden in the interaction of self and Self.

Father Lancelot Pereira, S.J., Ph.D., Rector, St. Xavier’s Institute of Education Society



Santosh Sachdeva transmits extraordinary experiences with conviction, beauty and divine Grace. The book proves, yet again, that spiritual knowledge has no frontiers… Sachdeva’s vivid spiritual revelations should go a long way to restore sanity and bring celestial peace to many deserving seekers of truth.

Arun Roy Choudhury, Retd. Director, Indian Oil Corporation