Santosh Sachdeva is the author of
The Kundalini Trilogy and other books on the subject of Kundalini. She writes with graceful simplicity and also devotes time to mentor aspirants in their spiritual meditation and practice. She lives in South Mumbai, India.

Today, Santosh Sachdeva counsels aspirants on the path and provides guidance on any questions and clarifications they might have regarding meditation and Kundalini yoga. She conducts weekly group meditations at her residence for sincere seekers interested in a regular practice.


“The dream-like visions presented by Santosh Sachdeva are very good, and they represent the blessings of the Masters to this generation. Tapasvis like Mahavatar Babaji, who have been engaged in ascetic practices for hundreds of years in the mountains in India, can thus enlighten any jiva. Yet there are hundreds of thousands of beings to choose from, and at least thousands of Sadhus who can be so blessed. The reason for her being singled out for this honour is that she too has been a part of the stream of Sadhus life after life, and this is the culmination of her own punyakarma involving hundreds of years of sadhana. Every single atom of her body has become receptive to the teachings of the Masters, and this book is the result. This is a rarest of rare occurences, a mahadurlabh yoga in the physical world. I suggest, therefore, that she diligently continue this practice to illustrate the workings of the Kundalini.”

Param Pujya Swami Gagangirinath Maharaj
Gagangiri Yogashram, Khopoli, Maharashtra


The Eight Spiritual Breaths

The Eight Spiritual Breaths is a powerful system of Kundalini Yoga that leads to personal transformation and conscious evolution.

There are many practical health and wellness benefits of practicing The Breaths.

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Aspirants who are practising The Eight Spiritual Breaths regularly and would like to sit for silent weekly group meditations with Santosh Sachdeva may do so.

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Santosh sheds light on the important aspects of Kundalini for aspirants. View her Youtube channel for more videos.



Santosh shares experiential insights on aspects of the Kundalini, Meditation, Chakras, and other related topics.

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