Vibrations And Vibratory Levels

“Everything is energy in motion.”

– Pir Vilayat

After having gained some understanding of the role of prana (the life force) and the chakras in the body-mind organism, the next thing I became aware of was the Vibrations.

I realized that all creation is vibration and it vibrates in different density and intensity according to the need of the created.

“Tattva is the substance out of which the universe is formed, they are the true-elements, the essence or substance of all creation. In the scriptures, Tattvas xs are referred to as the five-fold elements that compose the human body. The five Tattvas are: Akasha, the element of ether (the most refined of the elements) directs the sense of hearing. Vayu, the element of air directs the sense of touch. Tejas, the element of fire directs the sense of sight. Apas, the element of water directs the sense of taste and Prithvi, the element of earth directs the sense of smell. Tattvas are manifested in gross and subtle form in the universe. Each Tattva has its negative and positive phase. Every thought and act, every effort of the will affects the Tattvic law of harmony. Every thought excites a Tattvic vibration. Our body is the gross form of the Tattvas.”

– Swami K. S. Ramanathan, Brahma Vidya

The breathing exercises and affirmations helped purify the body and as the grossness started to wear away, the realization dawned that the physical body in itself is vibration. Once my astral travel and movement of consciousness started to other dimensions, I realized that the vibrations of those dimensions also varied. For five years I have been given a wonderful visual display of what the body-mind organism goes through in order to bring into manifestation its most ardent desire.

Ajna Chakra Vibrations

In my altered state of awareness I visualized the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the vibrations of which manifested in the form of circles. The left side represents the logical brain and the right side represents the creative aspect. More often than not we live our lives only using the left hemisphere for our daily functioning. In my meditation I saw a burst of silver light from between the eyebrows, the Ajna chakra set in motion the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This activity emanated vibrations in the form of Fig. 1a – two circles intersecting each other and rotating in opposite directions at different speed. The right circle rotates faster than the left. The broken lines of the right circle indicate a faster vibration of the right hemisphere of the brain. The size of the vibrating circles also varies. These circles then move towards each other until the one on the right places itself in the centre of the circle on the left (Fig. 1b). Thus indicating that the right cortical region (the creative side) had become the dominant hemisphere of my personality, and this process resulted in tuning of the two hemispheres for receipt of the ensuing knowledge. The rotation of the two hemispheres results in a creation of magnetic field lines. These are the vibrations of the Brow chakra (Fig. 1c). These vibrations set in motion a certain process that paves the way for an aspirant who is on the path of self-discovery. Our body and mind are constantly going through this process of change and adjustment according to our state of mind and our evolutionary process.

Vibrations Of The Sahasrara Centre

Next, the Sahasrara centre became fully active and its vibrations took on the shape of wings.

At another time the intensity of the Crown chakra’s rotation threw vibrations that reflected as stars all around.

All the chakras in the etheric body are active and vibrant and as the energy moves upwards, the Crown opens up into a many petalled flower.

The purification and the movement of these charkas lead to further unfoldment.

Vishuddhi, Anahata And The Manipura Chakra Vibrations

While the Ajna chakra and the Sahasrara centre are active, simultaneously the Vishuddhi chakra, Anahata chakra and Manipura chakra also become active. With the Throat chakra setting the momentum, the other chakras move in synchronicity until the feeling is as if the body is one big spinning organism. With each major chakra activation, further knowledge and experience is to be gained.

The process of purification, activation of the chakras, systematic tuning and adjusting and monitoring is an on going process. I wonder off and on, who is it that is devoting so much time on one individual soul. I definitely feel presence and sometimes see figures assisting me or moving around me.

Sushmuna Nadi Vibrations

I see Sushmuna, the main central nadi (channel), as a pillar. It is silver coloured and is tinged with gold, with all nadis and their centres receiving vibrations of power from it.

Somebody has rightly said that, “there is another world but it is this one.” All experience that has happened for me, has happened ‘here’. I have travelled to other dimensions and through endless time while just sitting in one place. I was conscious all the time. I would realize the shift from one dimension to the other with a feeling of jerks and tremors, as if going over speed breakers. Sometimes it would just be a gentle transition from one vibratory level to another. The intensity of the shift would be related to the density of the dimension. The energy flow at each level follows its own pattern.

Different Vibratory Levels

I as consciousness am in an area where there are cross-currents of energy. The currents flowing in from the left are thinner than those flowing in from the right. In this area I am surrounded by light and as I move along with the flow, back and forth, there are flashes of light till I decide to move towards the currents moving in from the right. My entry point back into the body was through the navel.

This vibratory level is the one where I feel the siddhas (yogic masters) reside, guiding aspirants who are on the path of self-discovery.

The energy is free-flowing and there is only whiteness all around with the sun also radiating white light. In order to be here my breath had to become imperceptible, the etheric body had to fully expand and become a body of light.

To be at this vibratory level, there has to be total stillness. This means that I felt no movement of a chakra or the flow of prana. If there was movement, then it was extremely subtle. The body felt absolutely light and there was an experience of total stillness within and without. A gentle shift occurred in the nasal area.

Sahasrara Centre Vibration At A Certain Vibratory Level

The vibrations looked like tiny waves. There is an open Sahasrara centre gently vibrating in the form of white petals.

“All experience in the field of relativity is governed by the oscillation of polarity. Thus there is vibration and motion. So, it could be said that everything is energy in motion. Notice the oscillation in your meditation, you are a vibrating form. You are constantly in motion. Such is the nature of Source within the field of relativity.”

– Master Charles, Synchronicity Foundation International

This is a fascinating journey and my earnest request to all those who are on the path, is to whole-heartedly move on without the sense of fear. If you can stay open and surrendered, all care is taken and you are helped and guided at every step of the adventure.

Thus, these visuals in a step-by-step manner helped me to understand the role of vibrations in our spiritual evolutionary process. This has been revealed in a visual form so that in turn it may be presented as the spiritual sign-posts for you – the meditators.

– Santosh Sachdeva

The visuals are sourced from the books Kundalini A Gentle Force (earlier titled Conscious Flight into the Empyrean), Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening by Santosh Sachdeva.

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