The Kundalini is not to be dreaded; rather it can become a good and wisely loving friend.

In 1995, Santosh attended a course of Brahma Vidya conducted by Justice M. L. Dudhat of the Bombay High Court. This year marked the beginning of a significant period in her life. Little did she understand how this would completely change her life, bringing on a profound interest in meditation and a surrender to the Higher Forces.

Santosh Sachdeva has undergone and intensively experienced the workings of the Kundalini energy. This was documented in The Kundalini Trilogy consisting of Conscious Flight into the Empyrean, Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening. These three books represent a unique and unprecedented contribution to Kundalini literature, with unparalleled illustrative detail on the unfolding of the process.

With a growing shift in the consciousness of the world today, the awakening of the Kundalini energy and unusual experiences associated with the process during meditation, have become more widespread. Yet, many questions remain and misconceptions abound. Santosh’s books provide answers to some of the experiences and doubts that arise in such a spiritual practice. There may be something in the books – a question or an experience – that you could relate to as you may have had a similar doubt or experience. Hopefully, the answer will help you on your onward spiritual journey.

Santosh hopes that her story will help validate similar experiences of others in meditation, and especially inspire young students to fearlessly undertake the spiritual journey.

Today, Santosh Sachdeva counsels aspirants on the path and provides guidance on any questions and clarifications they might have regarding meditation and Kundalini yoga. She conducts weekly group meditations are her residence for sincere seekers interested in a regular practice.


Interview – with Shally Khedkar    |    Mataji – by Alan Scherr