Mataji – By Alan Scherr

Welcome all and everyone to this gathering of individuated forms of Consciousness. Lest we forget who we truly are, I thought I’d start off with that reminder…

I was sitting in the dining hall of my Mumbai guesthouse the other day, and watched as people from a diverse range of cultures strolled into the room. It was a mix of westerners from the U.S., U.K. and other European countries along with Indian nationals and others of southeast Asian origin. I am always struck by the way that those living in the east seem to want to emulate westerners, especially in the way they dress. This applies mainly to the youth.

As I was sitting, a group of five or six college aged Indian men came into the hall in a group. They were horsing around and creating a commotion within the otherwise quiet atmosphere. All were dressed in jeans, sneakers and t-shirts of one sort or another. They could have been a group of students on any American college campus. One of the young men had a particularly interesting slogan on the front of his shirt. It read: Drink beer… Conserve water. When I saw it, I almost choked on my food trying to suppress my laughter.

That slogan is so quintessentially American pop culture that seeing it in India worn by an Indian (who obviously knew exactly what it meant), was just beyond funny. Actually, it was a bit sobering once I regained control of myself. For lack of a more truthful identity, the t-shirt has become a prominent means of expressing one’s core values.

On the opposite end of the spectrum that is Consciousness in its forever evolving wholeness, I am blessed to know someone here in India who truthfully identifies herself as Source. She is the mother of the family with whom Master Charles and Synchronicity have partenered with in our recent trips to India. Her son is the founder of one of India’s leading spiritual publishing houses and her daughter is a long-term Recognition Associate who has maintained a close connection with Master Charles over many years.

Mataji, or dear mother, as we call her, is one of those rare individuals who has experienced an advanced awakening of Kundalini through many stages of unfoldment in the context of a classical Guru-disciple relationship. Along the way, she has had profound visionary experiences that represent, in symbolic and archetypal terms, the many and varied transformations and phenomena that accompany this awakening of the Divine within, as Master Charles has termed it.

Out of her experiences, she has created a series of books that include simple but profoundly powerful drawings that serve to give expression to the unfoldment of her unique spiritual journey, particularly, the awakening of Kundalini. The focus of Mataji’s writings is the Guru-disciple relationship which she places at the core of authentic spiritual awakening. In the spirit of modern mysticism, she has also enthusiastically adopted Master Charles’ Holistic Model of Reality, which she says has allowed her to more precisely articulate the subtle-dimensional realities that had previously been challenging to express.

To be with Mataji is to experience the joyful presence of a human being whose awareness is focused in the now. She has lived a full life, having raised three children, each of whom has subsequently embraced the spiritual journey, while herself simultaneously running a successful business. For a number of years, her focus has been her writing as well as serving as a spiritual teacher to a number of her students with whom she meets on a regular basis to guide in their meditative practise.

From crass t-shirt slogans to holistic awareness and presence… the diversity of unity is indeed an entertaining show and nowhere else is it more so than here in India.

That’s all there is to say for the moment. This is my last broadcast from the current stint in India. As always, it is a delight to connect with like-intentioned souls. Today is the fourth of July and may it deliver you to your freedom.

Until next week, here is something for your contemplation:

“In the great Play of Consciousness, everyone appropriately plays their role.”

– Master Charles Cannon

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