As the words spread and the interest in meditation, chakra healing, and Kundalini Yoga
grows,the releases have been poised to become an essential read for
spiritually-minded people and those interested in alternative healing methods.

Demystifying Kundalini

Published by Life Positive, January 2011

First, a disclosure. Santosh happens to be a friend of mine. Having said that I would still
recommend this book strongly to those on the kundalini path.

Santosh and I shared a meditation teacher, Justice Dudhat, who taught a form of deep breath- ing and meditation practice called Brahma Vidya. Many of those who pursued this practice with any form of dedication were rewarded with a kundalini awakening. All around me, people’s chakras were popping awake like so many mushrooms. Friends would talk about the discomfort of having the energy stuck in one particular chakra or the tornados of energy whirling inside, or the euphoria of having their heart chakra open. At meditation, they reported many visions and experiences. To me, a dogged pursuer of the jnana path, all this sounded alien and even a little intimidating.

Caution: Hairpin Bend Ahead

Published by Life Positive, October 2007

In August 1995, I was introduced by a friend to a course in self—develop- ment conducted by late Justice ML Dudhat. The course comprised Of lec- tures, scientific spiritual breathing exer- cises, and affirmations. My life, for the last decade, had passed through a series Of crisis-filled events. course seemed like a peaceful, healing exercise. Little did I know that I would be pushed into a maelstrom that would rip apart the very fabric Of my existence, shatter every belief system, propel me into the most amaz- ing experiences, and reshape me into a being I could not even have remotely imagined I could be.
As I started the course I was consumed With a strange inner compulsion to mas- ter it in the shortest possible time. The intensity With which I moved into the practice awakened the sleeping kun- dalini with an earth-shattering explo- sion, akin to a cloudburst and blinding bright lightning.

Into The Vortex

Published by Life Positive, January 2005

Chakras are very subtle and high- powered vortices of energy, which receive the cosmic prana and act as transformers to reduce the voltage, so that it can be used by the different organs and parts of the body. As well as providing the prana for specific areas and functions of the body, they can also be used as trigger-points for awakening the higher faculties and dimensions of consciousness,” says Swami Niranjan- ananda Saraswati in Prana Pranayama Prana Vidya.
Chakras are located in the etheric body. The etheric body is a transmit- ter and receiver of telepathic impulses of an intuitive, mental or emotional nature; and it provides the channel for the physically focused consciousness to register the subtler worlds. “The etheric body is a body composed entirely of lines of force and of points where these lines of force cross each other and thus form (in crossing) centres of energy,” says Alice Bailey.

Walking The Path In Companionship

Published by Life Positive, October 2003

It is this tendency that gets enhanced through satsangs, creating emotional energy, strength, even faith and trust. You are either going up spiritually or you are going down—there is no such thing as remaining in stasis. Satsangs reverse the process of entropy.”
The role of the guru

It is here that the presence of the guru, for those groups lucky enough to have one, is all-important. The guru is the embodiment of our goal, the role model for behaviour, attitude and values, and our guide and support on the way.

Creative Kundalini

Published by Life Positive, June 2003

Creative Kundalini Meditating with her guru, Santosh Sachdeva underwent a series of extraordinary experiences with the activation of her Kundalini. She kept a detailed, illustrated diary of each stage in her journey, which has now been collated in a significant book that can serve as a reference map on the ‘Kundalini journey’.
I see a crown of chakras on my head. They rotate in different directions Looking back, I notice that until now, I was drawing a complete head of my figure in meditation. Now, the heads are open at the top signifying a fully operating Sahasrar chakra. The divinity of my Guru is brought to my knowledge time and again.

Kundalini Uncoiled

Published by Life Positive, June 2002

When the kundalini is awakened, the positive and the negative aspects in an individual will be magni- fied to a very high degree. – Master Choa Kok Sui
Guru is the first requirement for this practice and that is unlikely to be present in a mass gathering. Also there would be no check-back facili- ty for people who want to be guided throughout their process. There might not be anybody available to correct the proceedings when required.”

When Body Meets Soul

The Times of India, June 2002

SANTOSH sachdeva not your typical Churchgate housewife who prefers to while away her afternoons attending kitty parties. Instead. she prefers practising the eight breathing exercises popularised by Brahmavidya practitioners in the city. And to good avail. as the exercises have awakened her kundalani (serpent). For the uninitiated, Kundaian’, Yoga is an attempt to unite the two normally opposed principles of sexuality and spirituality by fusing their energies within an individual human body. And when the union is cmnplete.

In The Name Of The Mother

Savvy, April 2000

Santosh Sachdeva, a student of spirituality and author of a book on mental physics called, ‘Conscious Flight into the Empyrean’, also insists that spirituality is not an excuse for escapism. She says, “I have had friends who have neglected their families to attend spiritual classes but one can be truly at peace with oneself only if one has done his/her duty. Even Gautam Buddha realised that a person doesn’t have to leave his home and family to gain realisation. Putting your soul into whatever you do is what gives most fulfilment.”

Soul Curry

Society, March 2000

It is called Mental Physics and is a meditation course conducted by Justice Mt Dudhat of the Mumbai High Court. Inspired by it, Santosh Sachdeva stoned a journey of self-discovery and has written a book called Conscious Flight into The Empyrean. The book is a visual journey in meditation and talks about a fantastic world within us where pillars of light flower within, snakes twirl on top of your head and you travel through tunnels of light. This is an un-folding of the kunclalini energy and the at book challenges conventional experiences and perception. Are the perceptions presented in the book real? The author invites the brave hearted on a journey of self discovery.

What Do I Live For?

Life Positive, 1998

I believe that I completed my karmic cycle in my last birth. While in medita- tion. I remember seeing myself as a happy farmer boy to whom Brahma holds out his hands. and who willingly enters them.
As a child, I don’t remember wanting anything. During my stay at Mussoorie, I was used to swamis visiting our house. I was initiated into a Shiva mantra and the Gayatri mantra early in life.
At 20, I was attracted to a guy Who was involved with another girl. Nothing much came of it. I remember missing the guy but I wasn’t devastated. I don’t know why people cry when they part. For me, out of sight is out of mind. What matters is the present.

When Traditions Turn Techno

ELLE Magazine

Around the world, very much in India. new interpretations to spiritual imagery mushroom In the heart Of Marine Drive. one of Mumbai’s busiest thor• oughfan•s. lives Sachdeva. a woman meditations have her fresh insights into tr-adi• tional images. “I’ve never bccn deeply religious or ritual oriented. And I never things until I them With my own ey•S. For the last fewvcars. I’ve been seeing energy patterns in my meditations. which I have immediately drawn on paper.
Recently. I saw a fascinating energy process — a funnel-like tube started from between the and went on extending within the body. swing- ing. It looked just like an elephant’s trunk and gave insight into how Lord Ganesha have got his form. This energy onginated in the .Ajnn chakra. the source of knowledge. Perhaps this image has bccn created for the layman, he may activate his Ajna chakra by uorshipping this image! – She has also seen energy pat• terns which she could later correlate to certain tikkas.

Book Reviews - Conscious Flight Into The Empyrean

By: Subhamoy Das Source: Www.Hinduism.About.Com

This is nothing like I have ever read before. It’s an amazing book on meditation… a first-hand life-changing experience retold in every detail in the form of a journal, with supporting illustrations on every page by the author herself.
The first chapter traces the author’s life through childhood, youth and family along with life’s joys, traumas and tragedies till the point when she joined the course of ‘Mental Physics’ in 1995 that changes her life forever.
Mrs. Sachdeva takes to meditation and in a flash she is catapulted into a world where pillars of light flower within, twinkling stars encircle her form, snakes twirl on top of her head, and invisible hands clean out the inside of her head with tiny brushes and other instruments.
Written in simple narrative style with meticulous details that bring forth the author’s sense of wonder as the series of visions unfurl inside her self.
She travels through tunnels of light, has brief glimpses of past lives, and zooms into the incredible experience of oneness with the universe, becoming the sky, the river and the sea! This rare depiction of the visual unfolding of the Kundalini energy challenges conventional views of perception and experience.
These touching revelations of mystical experience take you on an extraordinary voyage into the subtle realms of the higher self. It is authentic as well as illuminating – a true story of self-realization written in first person by an ordinary woman of our times. You got to believe it… very few realize it! But it happens… it can happen to you!

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