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Pranam Maa,

I read and listen to your videos and articles sometimes and I feel satisfied listening or reading the contents.

I don’t know much nor I have a very definite quest but sometimes somewhere when we read and listen, it settles something inside of us beyond agreement and understanding and that is the satisfaction I feel which a mind cannot comprehend.

I was missing my mother today, I try not to get too emotional about her, fearing her subtle energy might be affected by me being emotionally charged and I would always want to contribute to her energy to reach and stay with the absolute. When I miss her, I always go to listen to some music or read, so I opened your blog and started reading about your last days with gurudev. I am back to my normal self and feel good.

Just wanted to thank you and I don’t know anything more but just wanted to write to you. When I see you, I feel the completeness that I try to feel when I do what I do (I cannot say I meditate) but I stay or try to stay in a state that stops the craving of absolute for sometime in me.

My humble pranam to your feet Maa !

– AS


When I started having experiences of unusual glimpses of light, vibrations and energies after going through certain yogic practices, I was in a highly confused state of mind. A chance reading of Santoshji’s first book Conscious Flight into the Empyrean, led me to her and our meeting culminated in a ‘guru-disciple’ relationship. Her book Kundalini Meditation – Questions and Answers, Vol. 1, became my bedside guide as the plethora of questions that bombarded my mind were answered systematically in a very lucid way that makes it simple for anyone to understand the experience one is undergoing through the guru’s guidance, support and knowledge as one progresses on this spiritual journey.

– Shubhda Vaid


Years ago, I was struggling in my life emotionally, mentally and physically. I did what came naturally to me, that was to search for a person or something as a crutch. So, I went for the most easily available support system in my country. I searched for a Guru! Any Guru would do really! Someone who can give me a talk, better still – all the Answers to my woes. Give me a set of practices, good and right things that I can do, present some palatable philosophy… That is the criteria of a Guru, right?

Then I met a lady, a Guru to a few people, not media savvy, not famous, not in a cave or an ashram. You can imagine my surprise when I felt a deep connection to her. What an unlikely candidate, I thought at the time. Well, gathered my hopes, fuelled my desperation and asked for solutions and the ‘to do and be’ list. Oh Boy!! Was I disappointed!! Got none of that.. zilch!

But here is what I did get… Total allowance of me, no judgement, no impelling of her truth, always coaxed into finding mine (which by the way was the most disappointing one at the time), inquiry, and just Being. She encouraged me when I started The Eight Spiritual Breaths and had no point of view when my body dropped that practice.

I really do hope you are that lucky to find the One person who can allow you to Be, allow you to shine forth as You and not some package of their ideas. The one person who can truly stand and watch as you fall, as you get back up and Love you through it all.

It is Grace, it is a Blessing to have the unlikely Guru Santosh Sachdeva, The One who Awakened Me to Me.

– Radhika Chopra


This new understanding of having a Guru to magnify the potency in oneself and get it to the surface has recreated my attitude of gratitude to the Teacher (Santosh Sachdeva).
This sensation of being so powerful and yet so humble has awakened in me the boiling over of Love.
This being in the Presence of a Self-Realised Soul has brought about the connection of the Divine Spirit.
This life seems so magnanimous due to my new yet ancient vibration of my Teacher.
This awakening of Kundalini with such caring, support and mainly fearlessness is what I ached for in the corridor of my being. The Universe heard the irrational pleas of an irrational child.
This unpacking of the ultimate Truth at such a personal level has dissipated any doubts of annihilation of my physical and spiritual self.
Thank you seems so meagre an offering at your feet. I remain eternally indebted to your Loving Presence.

– Meera Patel


Dear Mam,

After talking to I was thinking that you are always listening to me. I am telling you with excitement and joy that I am doing this and that, I am experiencing this and that. I have never asked you how are you or about your well-being . So many things are getting more and more clear to me . When I am speaking to you I feel like a chick who is taking warmth and care from a mother hen! How will I return this gratitude to you, I don’t have any idea.. Only thing I can do is to spread your message to more and more people and guide them towards you, whoever is on the path of evolution.

Love you Mam, S


A few years ago on the quest for finding all the answers, getting a formula and wanting to be told what I must do and be, I met a lady. The connection was instant! I recognised her as my Guru, very excited that I will have all the above aspirations fulfilled. I was so disappointed! Today I can only express gratitude for her, for she gave no answers, did not impose her ‘teaching’ , ‘philosophies’ or exert her spiritual expertise on me. She invited me to find my own truth, to discover what was true for me, and enjoy the journey of discovery. I now know that a life that has with curiosity, and wonder, of your own truth is a joyous one. My gratitude to Santosh Sachdeva for being the space where I could authentically show up. – R


Dear Santoshji,

It is still unbelievable for me that I am speaking to you, taking advice from you and in touch with you ..
It is still unbelievable for me that God answered my questions by guiding towards you ..
It is still unbelievable for me that I am realizing so much of inner meanings in everything in and around me happening day by day …
It is still unbelievable for me that the light (wisdom) is coming towards me and spreading back to the world day by day through my thought and action …
It is still unbelievable for me that I am now unravelling the secret of my existence ….
My understanding has gone far ahead since I joined Brahmavidya. After meeting you the speed is like that I am travelling by an airplane !

Forever in gratitude, – S


Dear Madam,

We are 3 friends. From last 3 & half years we are practicing Brahmavidya. My friend while surfing on the net for Brahmavidya history, found Dudhat Guruji’s website and shared it with us, and even came across your website. We have downloaded all of Dudhat Guruji’s videos and audio recordings available on website. We have also bought your book The Eight Spiritual Breaths. But from the day we have gone through your website, we all think we should meet you (inner voice). We would be glad if you give us opportunity to come and meet you and get answers to many of questions we have in our mind. –  PJ



Dear Santosh madam,

Thank you, for the words of wisdom you shared with me.
They had a great influence on me, I got more moral support. Thank you very much.
From today, I promised to myself that I will meditate each and every day till the end of my life’s journey.

With Love,  – P