In today’s meditation you looked powerful; felt like Mahishasura Mardini to me. I felt as if I am seeing a physical manifestation of Kundalini Ma while thinking about you. Gushes of energy came and went through my face and chest from you. A few minutes into the meditation, the urge to write a poem arose. I wish to offer it to You, Ma.

Dear Kundalini Ma,

Caught in the “tamas and rajas” of the mind when I miss practicing the Breaths, sometimes I miss you terribly

You have become a tangible companion…
….a presence so real
You shield me from the chaos of my own creation

A Gentle Mother, a lovely friend
You bring awareness
Correcting my thoughts
Purifying my intentions
Breaking many beliefs
Transforming me

Filling me with joy and peace
A stillness that is real
A state unexplainable

Making me crave more and more of You
You granted me the darshan of sweet, loving, simple, smiling Ma Saraswati
And as Shiva, seated in Meditation, teaching us to still the waves of the mind

So full of sweetness you are, Divine Mother
Through my flawed thinking you guide me
Seeking nothing from us but a little attention
You wait to fill us with Your Presence
My heart overflows with gratitude for seeking me out

Continue to Lead us, Mother Kundalini, in Your loving embrace!
We love you, dear beautiful Mother… We love you!

With gratitude to you, Ma. Without your presence and guidance
None of my experiences and learnings would have been possible

Rajeshwari LM
Homemaker, Bangalore

When I started having experiences of unusual glimpses of light, vibrations and energies after going through certain yogic practices, I was in a highly confused state of mind. A chance reading of Santoshji’s first book, ‘Conscious Flight into the Empyrean’ now titled ‘Kundalini A Gentle Force’, led me to her and eventually blossomed into a Guru-disciple relationship. Initially, I would be apprehensive of the word ‘Guru’, but once I came into her energy field, over a period of time, she permeated my whole being – each and every atom down to my deepest core. She has been the catalyst, the medium and the reason for transformation in me. She has brought me to a state of being where gratitude overflows from every pore but words and actions fail to express it; where putting it forcefully in words seems like belittling the impact; where the Guru sees no need for outward expression and the disciple finds no way. There is just oneness, beingness, silence and gratitude.

Shubhda Vaid
Business, Mumbai

This new understanding of having a Guru to magnify the potency in oneself and get it to the surface has recreated my attitude of gratitude to the Teacher – Santosh Sachdeva.
This sensation of being so powerful and yet so humble has awakened in me the boiling over of Love.
This being in the Presence of a Self-Realised Soul has brought about the connection of the Divine Spirit.
This life seems so magnanimous due to my new yet ancient vibration of my Teacher.
This awakening of Kundalini with such caring, support and mainly fearlessness is what I ached for in the corridor of my being. The Universe heard the irrational pleas of an irrational child.
This unpacking of the ultimate Truth at such a personal level has dissipated any doubts of annihilation of my physical and spiritual self.
Thank you seems so meagre an offering at your feet. I remain eternally indebted to your Loving Presence.

Meera Patel

My Anchor: For me, there is no greater ‘sadhana’ than to remember my Guruji. For a ‘shishya’, there can be no greater ‘sadhana’. Guru Purnima coincides with the time I first recognised her as my Guru. I wasn’t looking for one. I simply thought we had a connection at the time. As I sipped on tea while having a casual conversation with her, I felt drawn into a space of great peace and love. I felt I undertook a journey so far and so deep and knew I hadn’t made it on my own. With tears in my eyes, touched by the experience, I asked her who she was to me. It is then that it struck me who she was and what she meant for my journey, and that is whom we call a Guru. It has been over a decade since that cup of tea.

She has, since, been my anchor, a signpost, a mother, a mentor and truly the divine in human form. I have always been a seeker, but I was a vagabond. I am still a seeker, but now I hold her hand and take the journey within me.

The change since I met her is beyond that of personality or rather, runs deeper than just my personality. I feel the change in my soul; that I am not the same anymore. Her blessings and guidance have permeated my daily life—in my relationship with myself, others, responses and quality of thoughts and actions.

Yes, I have difficult days, negative thoughts, I get upset and take things personally. But like a mother, she gently and sometimes sternly brings light into the darkness.

Such is the grace of the divine, such is the love of a Guru, and such are the blessings of my Guruji—Santosh Sachdeva.

Radhika Chopra
Transformation Coach, Mumbai 

Dakshinamurty: The limited spectrum of experience which is available to me through my senses is not capable of describing such an advanced Master as Guruji. Therefore, do note that whatever I say here is just a speck of WHO SHE IS! She is the fulcrum around which my life is possible. I see my life clearly in two parts—one before I started coming for meditation with Guruji, and the other ever since. Before I started coming for meditation with Guruji, I was doing my practice almost every day but there was a huge vacuum in my heart. I was like a fish outside water, gasping for some meaning in life. Ever since I started coming for meditation, this emptiness has been filled up with the bliss I take back from each meditation. Every interaction with Guruji is the highest form of blessing. It is like being soaked in pure love. It leaves me in eternal gratitude and humility.

For me, She is the living embodiment of Dakshinamurty—the Guru who imparts knowledge through silence. I feel that for every moment spent in Her presence, I receive some guidance, and the state of my being is elevated. All the cares just disappear, somehow.

There have been instances when I have remembered Her when the going was getting tough, and the next thing I knew was that all of a sudden, I started feeling better or the situation was sorted out. Guruji’s words have the power of becoming a transformative seed. Once she asked me to drop a certain detrimental habit quite firmly, and it so happened that after that day, the habit just disappeared. When I realized this, I was amazed at myself and understood that it was Her blessing that allowed the transformation to occur. The more I intensify my practice, the more I have a direct experience of life happening within the safety net of Her deep care and love.

Her Words are all-powerful and transformative.
Her Silence is filled with a direct message.
Her Presence is charged with ‘Shakti’ and love.

Rashmi Jokhakar 
Chartered Accountant, Mumbai

Guru and Ma: My Guru Santosh Ma is not only my Guru but a mother too. A mother gives birth to a child and she is happy when her child is happy and unhappy when the child is feeling low. The mother raises her child according to her past and present circumstances. The Guru does not judge the disciple’s past and nurtures the disciple with a lot of love and compassion and shows him or her the path to enlightenment.

I found my Guru after many years. Several years of my prayers were answered when I found my Guru. In 2014, I first met her son Gautam. In 2015, I met Guruji. Her ‘samvat bhav’ touched my heart. She is full of love and compassion; for her, no one is inferior or superior. She sees everyone as equal, as a form of God. My Guruji herself is a form of God—’Ishwar Swaroop’—which means that whoever comes to her, feels full of love.

As I began spending more time with her, my negativity slowly started to reduce and I started becoming more positive. Finally, after many years, my nature started changing. When it’s time for your good karmas to fructify, God comes in the form of a Guru and embraces you. I never like to miss any opportunity to meet her. I like to get more and more of her time.

I bow down at the lotus feet of my Guruji!

Asha Jhaveri 
Restaurateur, Mumbai

Dispeller of Darkness: When the desire for change and transformation is strong, then help comes to one from outside in the form of a physical Guru. To begin with, the Guru teaches the aspirants the means which, on practising, help them to shed off their conditioning, density, and biases, leading to a transformation at the core level and happier living. The word Guru, by definition, means ‘dispeller of darkness’ (Gu-Ru). To me, this is intimately linked to ‘sadhana’—a continual practice by the individual.

Since we are heading into unchartered territory and each aspirant is unique, the process can throw up periods of unease. It is through these moments that just the mere presence, a word, a look, a smile was enough to put me at ease and instil the peace and knowing that it shall pass and is only a harbinger of good things.

In addition to the boundless love, care and patience shown by Ma, having her in my life has also been hugely anchoring, since we live in the midst of the chaos of this world and our karma, and at the same time we try to rise above it and dissolve it. Sometimes, when we drift, having her with us realigns and re-energizes us in a way that is beyond words.

Her mere presence has been the anchor as well as the propulsion for us. We are blessed and lucky. Feeling Happy and Giving Thanks.

Konark Bhandari 
Business Development Executive, Mumbai

The Harbinger of Light: A couple of years ago, there was a desire sent out to the universe that I would like to know what a Guru is. And now, I completely relate to the saying that “seek and you shall find.” My question was answered and it unfolded as a series of events that came together. Since then, there is simply a smile whenever I think of her, and a flower to offer at her feet.

She is the light, the joy, the serene, the form to whom you bow down, and in whose presence, at times I am speechless.

There is always joy in sharing what I am going through with her. She is careful with words, honest about showing you the process, and engages you to take the journey alone. I listen to every word with a willingness to simply reflect. It is always a journey to be the seer; a constant effort, and with the grace of my Guru, I feel adept.

Vandna Soni 
Homemaker, Reiki practitioner, Tarot student, Mumbai

Ocean of Love: Just thinking of GuruMa, the picture that comes to mind is one of a most gracious lady—so beautiful, so serene, so strong. I always experience a feeling of vastness and peace whenever I am with GuruMa.

I will always be grateful for being introduced to this wonderful lady who just took my hand into hers and led me into this wonderful world of ‘The Eight Spiritual Breaths’ … a world of kaleidoscopic lights … of varied feelings … of peace and tranquillity after the meditation sessions.

That love … that joy … that life … as the affirmation goes … just sweeps into me whenever I am with you. You are like the ocean of love, and like the ocean, you just keep giving. Thank you, Ma.

Sunita Tiwari 
Astrologer, Mumbai

A Living Embodiment of Spiritual Truth: When I reflect on the experience that I have had over the last decade with Santosh Ma; the honour of receiving transmission and guidance through being in the presence of a living master—words cannot do it justice.

All I know is that my life changed profoundly when the woman I proudly call my Guru, entered into my life. The word Guru means a teacher, a living embodiment of spiritual truth; that pinnacle of existence that only a few of us get a glimpse of. I’ve experienced so many things in her presence. From spontaneous healing and tremendous inner peace to complete cessation of thoughts, out-of-body experiences, and experiences that I cannot even describe. I feel I have grown in her presence, her kindness, and her unconditional awareness that serves as both a model and an inspiration.

Thank you, Guruji, for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me. Thank you for giving me the gift of self-awareness. I remain eternally grateful. With love and sincerity.

Vatsal Doctor-Gregory 
Therapist, Healer, Facilitator, Mumbai

The Homecoming: I met Santosh Guruji at a time when I was not seeking a Guru in my life. I simply went to meditate, or so I thought. Slowly, her powerful energy started working its magic. It was gentle and at times fierce, icy-cold and burning hot, a whirlpool and a calm sea, a waterfall and a gentle stream. Cleaning, clearing, streaming lifetimes of Karma!

To my utter amazement, over time, the moment I started walking up the stairs of her home, my mind would go still, regardless of the chatter and clutter that was present before.

This was it! One day it became clear, crystal clear that she was my ‘Guru!’ There was an unmistakable chord established; and slowly, layer by layer, things started unfolding. I started getting all my answers, in her presence, without voicing them.

Guruji was herself, and she helped me come home to myself, effortlessly.

Mona Doctor 
Integral Wellbeing Facilitator, Mumbai

Guru—to me—means the ‘light’ or the ‘guide’ which points me to the ‘Truth’. That, for me, has been done by Santosh Ma. Her unconditional allowance and acceptance in her presence, helped me get in touch and have glimpses of the real self within me. Once I had asked her if I could acknowledge her presence and bow down to her before I started my meditation, just as I would in front of her. She said very nonchalantly, “You know, here also there is something within you which you see in me to which you want to bow to.”

Guruji, Namaste! I just discovered this beautiful meaning of “Namaste” which you have guided me to.

I honour the place in you
in which the entire universe resides.
I honour the place of love, of light, of truth and peace
When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me,
there is only one of us.

Alka Tandon 
Homemaker, Goa

I first met Santosh at Mahabaleshwar. The ‘Shibir’ which we attended there was an annual event, and Justice Dudhat, an eminent personality with deep scriptural knowledge and understanding, hosted the event. Santosh was well dressed and poised and stood out like she always does, everywhere. She had a wooden backrest under her arm and she sat right in front.

My husband always introduced the great Guru Dudhat, to the assembly. The next day, when we were waiting in the area before the lecture, Santosh stepped forward to talk to me. My first introduction to her was the question, “What is my Source?” We kept talking thereafter. That was the start of an everlasting bond with her.

My husband and I attended Dudhat Guruji’s lectures at his residence, which Santosh also attended. However, we never really spoke much. After Dudhat Guruji passed away, we lost connection with Santosh. But the acquaintance was rekindled when Santosh invited us to the CCI club, when we requested to meet with her. We took a Ganesh idol with us as a small present for her. On receiving it, she was thrilled like a little girl, and expressed her joy saying, “I love receiving presents.” That was the exact moment when I felt a connection with her, and we started attending her meditation sessions every Thursday.

Through all these years, my Thursday is ‘Santosh Day’. Her calm exterior and warmth exude a genuineness which connects one to her. The emotional security that she provides to a person living alone is more than I could ask for.

This is the Santosh I knew and I know there is more to her which I have not been able to fathom. But I am sure I will do so, shortly.

Shanta Kikeri 
Homemaker, Mumbai

Voice of Infinity: During my internship period, I had seen people dying in the ward and all this used to shake me up a lot because of the feeling that anytime I could be the next. Luckily I came in contact with my Guru, and going through glimpses of experiences along with the sadhana, helped shift my focus from the identity of a mortal body to that of an immortal energy being.

I still remember the message which was shared by mother Santosh Ma, “We are not human beings who go through a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings who go through a human experience.”

Suraj Naik 
Intern, Mumbai

Today I saw Santosh Ma in my dream. It was a very joyful dream. I love your presence. I feel great peace and Shiva’s presence in your company. I love you and respect you a lot. Please accept this little Dakshina from me, you are Dakshinamurti for me, my Divine mother.

Aysha Sprung 
Yoga teacher, Switzerland

Gautam Sachdeva 
Santosh Ma’s Son, Mumbai

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