The Eight Spiritual Breaths

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The Eight Spiritual Breaths is a powerful system of Kundalini Yoga that leads to personal transformation and conscious evolution. There are many practical health and wellness benefits of practicing The Eight Spiritual Breaths.

Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths

According to legend, Padmasambhava, a renowned yogi and teacher at the ancient Nalanda University, foreseeing its destruction by foreign invaders, migrated to Tibet with a select group of disciples. He continued to share his knowledge and guide those he considered worthy to receive it. A set of powerful Breathing Exercises was part of the knowledge he imparted, which was designed to help individuals realize their highest potential.

In the early 1900s, this course of Breathing Exercises was taken to the West by Edwin John Dingle, an American who travelled to Tibet and studied under a Tibetan Master.

The practice of these Breathing Exercises was revived and conducted in India under the aegis of The Brahma Vidya Mission founded by Swami K. S. Ramanathan. I joined the Course in 1995 under the guidance of Justice M. L. Dudhat, who had studied under Swami Ramanathan.

Until recently, Brahma Vidya was taught as a course in self-development. It was designed to help aspirants access their unlimited inner potential. The goal being to work towards a positive, more desirable change within: one’s self, which would provide access to higher knowledge and also fill one with peace, wisdom and compassion. All this would then combine to transform humanity and make for a better world.

Practice of the Breaths led to my spiritual growth

Practising these powerful Eight Breaths along with their empowered Affirmations, revealed that there is a lot more to human beings than the senses can feel or perceive. I understood that your ego is not your true being. Rather, your true being is the reality that never changes and is not bound by time or space. Since your true being is not bound by time or space, it cannot be grasped through the senses or the mind. It can only be experienced. It is self-existent and therefore immortal.

My practice of The Eight Spiritual Breaths took me in a direction not previously experienced or documented by any aspirant. After some prolonged and serious contemplation, it dawned that these Breathing Exercises were designed to activate the subtle body meridians; that is, they activate the chakras, which will help an individual systematically access the descending and ascending energies of the Kundalini. This, in turn, enables an aspirant to enter the experiential stage where knowledge is gained at the subtle level from subtle dimensions.

Achieving mastery over all aspects of one’s life

Practice of The Eight Spiritual Breaths is the methodology that provides one with the systematic steps required to achieve mastery in one’s life across all dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, social, familial, financial, aspirational, and spiritual. These constitute the complete matrix of a well-integrated life. The Eight Spiritual Breaths is part of the Kundalini Laya Yoga Systems.

Hence the basic Brahma Vidya course, under the guidance of late Justice M. L. Dudhat, has evolved to a different level of experience. It has developed into a course that will lead an aspirant into the subtle planes of existence, if practised with awareness and understanding. Human awareness is now making rapid breakthroughs in accessing new dimensions in consciousness and as Brahma Vidya is a science of evolution, it has to be kept updated and in harmony with the developing consciousness.

A word from the wise sages

The sages have said that, one who accepts tradition without independent personal thought does not perform any individual function in relation to human progress. One who accepts all the traditions of the past, subjects them to critical evaluation and adds the benefits of his own experiences, is the true propagator of light and an important factor in the higher evolution of mankind.

For any queries that may arise regarding an experience and/or if an aspirant needs guidance on the same, please write to :

For those who wish to pursue a course in The Eight Spiritual Breaths

The Eight Spiritual Breaths Course can be studied under the guidance of a qualified and certified teacher. Please refer to the list below. Do not try to learn, or perform, the Breaths on your own.

The Eight Spiritual Breaths Course Book will be given to you once you enrol for the Course. It is based on the book ‘Brahma Vidya – An Ancient System of Yoga and Philosophy’ by Swami K. S. Ramanathan, and Lectures on Brahma Vidya given by Justice M. L. Dudhat.

After you have completed the Course, you may view a series of Videos by Santosh Sachdeva in which she explains sections of the Course Book in further detail. You may access and view the series on YouTube. The link to the videos is given in the Course Book.

English And Hindi: Rohit Arya has mastered the techniques of The Eight Spiritual Breaths and teaches the course in Mumbai. The course is spread over 9 consecutive weeks. Each breath is demonstrated and practised intensively during sessions and its companion Affirmation explained in detail. For those living outside Mumbai and overseas, Rohit teaches the course via Skype sessions. Please send an email first before calling, clearly stating your question/s. Also, please do not call before 8.00 am and after 8 pm India time. His contact details are:

Email :

Malayalam, English and Hindi: Shyamala Mohan teaches the course in Malayalam, English and Hindi, in Mumbai as well as in Kerala. For those living outside Mumbai and Kerala, Shyamala teaches the course via Skype sessions.

She has mastered the course of Brahma Vidya as taught by her Guru Suresh Mudaliar under the banner ‘Yog Sadhana Charitable Trust’. She has also studied the course as taught under the title ‘The Eight Spiritual Breaths’ and now combines the two to further enhance the process of evolving consciousness. Shyamala is authorised to teach the ‘The Eight Spiritual Breaths’ to the students who have done the Brahma Vidya Course under the banner ‘Yog Sadhana Trust’. Her contact details are:

Mobile : 09869264018
Email :

Here’s what readers and practitioners are saying about “The Eight Spiritual Breaths”

“The Eight Spiritual Breaths (TESB) is the most precious gift life has given me… Each day of practising TESB has been a joy; a new discovery. My experience of the Shakti has been gentle, gradual, nurturing, and comforting… I am becoming increasingly self-aware, my intuition heightened, developing a greater sense of clarity… The quest has just begun and I am deeply grateful and humbled for being able to glimpse a sense of purpose…”

– Nandini Murali, author/communications professional, Madurai


“I took on TESB practice two years ago and I consider it the protector of my energy. I am a psychotherapist so I have to process a lot, and I can say without a doubt that TESB plays a foremost role in keeping me clear, fresh, and joyful.”

– Alicia Torres, Psychotherapist, Venezuela



“I came to TESB battered and broken. I had no discipline in my life. TESB has been the one constant in my daily life, and the anchor for me to rebuild and reconstruct. Other things are changing for the better. Starting from a place of fragmentation, I am slowly becoming whole again.”

– Indradeep Ghosh, Educator, PhD, Professor of Economics, Mumbai


“I have been practising TESB for a couple of years. The big impact on my life is that I am much happier and stronger than I used to be. My chronic sinus has completely disappeared. The breaths have brought changes – some that are obvious and some very subtle. In short, the breaths have brought joy, clarity, and improved my health and my life.”

– Divya Talwar, Artist, USA


“The Eight Spiritual Breaths (TESB) is Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Integral Yoga’ in practice, it is leading a divine life in a divine body. It is of immense use to those who want to scale to higher levels of consciousness
and open themselves to the Supramental light.”

– Ramaswamy Subhramony, Author, Head of the Department of English,
The Madura College (Autonomous), Madurai


“A book that teaches one to cleanse (the) self from Karmic pollution as per Vedic science, so that one may realise their true inner self. A concise handbook for the aspiring urban Yogi.”

– Kaustav Nag, Chemical Engineer, LLB (Student)


“TESB have been not only my anchor but also the propulsion along the path of my life. The effects have ranged from an increase in physical health to an expanded understanding of an emotional, intellectual and spiritual nature… I feel that practising the TESBs has been life changing for me. I feel thankful and blessed.”

– Amanda Knopp, Hatha Yoga Instructor, UK


“I started BREATHING.”

– Radhika Naphade, Software Professional, India/USA


“The spiritual breaths have enhanced my sense of gratitude, and my discipline.”

– Lavanya Subramanian, Boston, USA


“Whatever you are doing, that is where your consciousness resides.”

– Aditi Singh, Painter, Mumbai


“Heightened awareness of my thoughts, responses, and surroundings is a clear manifestation of my TESB practice. I experience an indescribable lightness and joy since I started my practice last year. My ability to focus has also improved, resulting in better productivity. TESB has been a life changing experience!”

– Amita Talwar, Photographer/Artist, Founder – Art for Causes, Hyderabad

“I have been doing TESB for the last year and a half without missing a single day and it has changed my life. Mentally… I seem to comprehend the subtleties of life with much clarity. Desire for material things has lessened, yet appreciation for what comes in life has increased. The biggest blessing is lessening of the ego as one becomes a witness to the blessings of the greater forces as awareness increases by the day. My thanks to Sri Guru Rohit Arya, Santoshji, the lineage, and Mahadev.”

– Ami Desai, IT Professional, USA


“The Eight Spiritual Breaths (TESB) is for me the ‘missing link’ which I have searched for all my life. Here in my hand, I at last held the key to my spiritual advancement in its totality. The breathing exercises instil the body with strength and the accompanying affirmations are empowering. The course is a gift that is ours for the taking. As I read TESB new pathways opened up and routes to an enlightened, conscious living lay before me. It is said that when the student is ready the teacher appears. It just sits so right with me.”

– Christina Qureshi, Medical Practice Manager, Australia

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