Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 2

Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 2


Questions & Answers

Her own awakening and continuing meditation (practice) have manifested into a deep peace, wisdom and understanding, and this book gives further evidence of all three qualities.

Suma Varughese, Editor, Life Positive Magazine

The awakening of the Kundalini energy, and the unusual experiences that come with its unfolding during meditation, raise several questions in the aspirant’s mind. Santosh Sachdeva offers the benefit of her knowledge and experience to guide you through the same with Kundalini Meditation – Question and Answers, Vol. 2. Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 1, Like this book is once again a unique contribution to writings on Kundalini. In her own calm manner, Santosh explains the inner workings of the powerful Mahashakti that is the Kundalini.

There may be something more in this book: a question or an incident that perhaps you could relate to, as you may have faced a similar situation. It’s quite likely that you may find the answer here that will quell your doubts and help you progress on your onward spiritual journey. Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 2 does this with characteristic clarity and deep insight.