Sacred Flames

Religious Forms And Symbols In The Yagna Fires

Santosh Sachdeva And Rohit Arya

Symbols sacred to Hinduism were first revealed to the sages – in the fires of the yagna.

This little book sparkles with the radiance of the sacred fires of the agni yagnas, and the images of divinity occasionally seen in the rising flames. It was in the flames of the yagna that the forms of gods, goddesses and symbols sacred to the Hindus were first revealed to the Vedic sages. Now, advances in technology have made it possible to capture those forms in their original fiery state.

These images are very powerful in aiding spiritual growth. They also help you to focus during meditation. Kept along with the deities in your puja or prayer room, they create vibrations of abundance, tranquility and auspicious circumstances in your life.
Among the sacred symbols that arose and were identified in the yagna flames were the Om, the Swastik, the Trishul and the Lingam, among others.

Learn to conduct a simple mini-yagna on your own, with appropriate mantras.

Get instructed in the process of meditation involving the images seen in the flames.

Take a step forward in the emergent spiritual consciousness of our times with this book. Includes three beautiful picture cards.

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Santosh’s books cover the subjects of Kundalini, Chakras, Meditation and related topics. The central theme in the books is her visual journey in meditation, that led to her spiritual awakening. She writes with grace, ease and lightness.

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