In Search Of A Guru (A Disciple’s View)

After having gained some understanding of the role of prana (the life force) and the chakras in the body-mind organism, the next thing I became aware of was the Vibrations and the role of Affirmations that help to create balance. This awakening has been possible by being constantly aware and surrendered to the energy field of the Guru.

“Alone there is no happiness. Therefore, the Pure Consciousness assumes the form of Guru and disciple.” 

– Jnaneshwar

“Revealed in the simple verse above is a mystical understanding of the Master disciple relationship that gives deep insight into its origin. As the verse states, it is Pure Consciousness Itself that motivates the Guru-disciple relationship rather than the sense of need or lack. It is not a fear-based dependency but rather a natural attraction to the unfolding bliss one feels in the energetic Source field of the Master that underlies the relationship. Thus, the common shortcomings of ordinary relationships are not found in the Master-disciple relationship.”

– Master Charles, Synchronicity Foundation International

I always used to wonder: ‘Does the Guru recognize the shishya (disciple) or the shishya recognizes the Guru, or is it a mutual attraction? Or, is it that when the time is right the living Guru and the subconsciously seeking shishya will be part of a spontaneous happening in the scheme of the functioning of totality and this would lead to a quantum leap for the shishya?’

The course I joined is a course in self-development where the Guru does not take any visible or verbal responsibility, nor gives deeksha (initiation) or a personal mantra (sacred chant) or any other rules to follow. Subsequently I realized that the Guru is a channel of the Source for the aspirant and whatever thought, word and action flows through him, they would work towards raising of the aspirant’s consciousness towards self-discovery.

The Guru is the divine channel through whom the grace of the Source flows and when the aspirant starts looking up to an individual because of his divine qualities and feels secure in his energy field, he/she unknowingly identifies him with his/her idea of the qualities of the Source and gives the Source Consciousness his form. If the Guru and the aspirant are both conscious players, then they move with the knowledge that when we worship the form or symbol, be it Shiva, Krishna or Guru. Behind that symbol is the vastness of the Source Consciousness and this enables them to move beyond the limitations of form.

“As a pure reflector of Sourceful awareness, everything that comes into the Master’s sphere of attention is handled at the level of Source Itself. Thus, obstacles or limitations to the unfoldment of wholeness and unity consciousness in the disciple’s journey are spontaneously dissolved.”

– Master Charles, Synchronicity Foundation International

Since my journey was completely visual, it enabled me to move consciously at a faster pace to understand and accept the Guru-shishya relationship at the level it is devised. For me, any other medium of revelation would not have worked as effectively.

I am putting forth the major visuals involved in the manifestation of the inner teacher projected in the form of an outer Guru and the parallel processing that goes on to create the relationship that will work towards the fulfillment of the purpose for which it manifested.

The higher self projects Itself out and activates my Ajna chakra.

“You are sitting in a hall and there is someone sitting in front of you; this is an important event in your life… your eyebrow centre and his eyebrow centre are one. Both of you are breathing through the eyebrow centre, bhrumadhya… when you breathe out you touch his eyebrow centre, and when he breathes out he touches your eyebrow centre… a link is established.”

– Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga Nidra

The activation of my Ajna chakra in turn enables me to see a magnified form of the higher self. The outward projection of the inner teacher grows to a massive size, filling my full vision.

I go on expanding till my body of light fills the cosmos. On looking at the visuals later, I realized that this step-by-step process of expansion of the higher self was for the purpose of identifying a form that would serve as my Guru.

I go on expanding till my body of light fills the cosmos. On looking at the visuals later, I realized that this step-by-step process of expansion of the higher self was for the purpose of identifying a form that would serve as my Guru.

I see a form sitting under a canopy. Only Masters and Gods in India are placed under a canopy eg. the Guru Granth Sahib – the Sikh holy book is always placed under a decorative canopy. This final visual left me in no doubt that the form under the canopy symbolizing Source Consciousness was my Guru and he would be my friend, philosopher and guide on the path I had chosen. The Source could not have been more direct. It was a revelation which left me full of awe and wonder to be made aware that our each thought, wish and desire is personally taken care of at the level of Source. This was a very personal message for me, that by being in the energy field of the Guru my journey would be handled at the level of the Source Itself. This tremendous understanding dawns while I am writing this article. If my journey had not been visual, I would have never grasped the significance and sensitive issue of the Guru-shishya relationship.

I soon realize that a parallel processing starts whereby a knowledge transfer and a subsequent imbibing of the same happens.

I see the Guru’s aura as a gold and silver bowl rotating at a great speed, throwing its vibrations all around and extending like wings, working to raise my consciousness to a similar level.

My consciousness is also raised to access and absorb the knowledge received. I also noticed that the form of the visual manifestation of the Guru was of a different shape than the form of myself.

“…a white fire which rose up into the brain and flamed out in a winged radiance on either side of the head… Taking the centres Sushumna, Ida and Pingala, to be symbolized by the Caduceus of Mercury, the little ball on top of the head was identified with the Sahasrara or pineal gland, and the wings as the flaming auras on each side of the centre when the fire strikes it…”

– Sir John Woodroffe, The Serpent Power

I also observed that the Guru’s Crown chakra was in the form of a large and vibrant bowl with its vibrations in the form of upturned wings perhaps signifying giving. Whereas mine was in the form of a little bird with its vibration also as wings but which were turned downward, perhaps signifying the need for more progress.

This enabled me to understand the whole process which involved me, my higher self and the manifestation of the form of the Guru.

The Guru’s aura settles down to gentle vibrations, bringing the aspirant’s vibrations to the same level of calmness. The vibrations resemble a flapping of a bird’s wings.

“The wings typify the power of conscious flight through higher planes which the development (of that fire) confers.”

– C. W. Leadbeater, The Chakras: A Monograph

My Sahasrara’s vibrations take on the same pattern of vibrations as the Guru in order to absorb the knowledge at the level it is given.

I see the Kundalini rising in the Guru’s body from a bowl of fire at the base of the spine, going up to his head and covering his face with tongues of flames.

Similar process takes place in my body.

“When the student has learnt to deflect the orange-red rays so also they move up the spine, the empty atoms of both these and the violet blue rays pour out from the top of the head in a fiery cascade…”

– C. W. Leadbeater, The Chakras: A Monograph

Master Charles explains it very well when he says that, “The question how Conscious living is experienced as a practical reality can only be answered in light of the disciple’s intention. Masters themselves are neither easy nor difficult. They simply serve as pure reflection of what each individual creates in relation to them. Everything hinges on the disciple.”

The Guru-shishya relationship happens. It is a happening. If it happens unconsciously, then perhaps the aspirant will take a long time to recognize the fact. The time will be spent first to fathom and sort out the emotional aspect i.e. to do away with the ‘awe’ factor and free oneself of any guilt for holding a tremendous feeling of love and gratitude towards the Guru whose very glance, action and a single word of acknowledgement, love or appreciation can fill the aspirant with ecstasy.

In my case, I was made conscious of this happening and the process of visual unfoldment clearly defined for me the essence of the Guru-shishya relationship and helped me accelerate on my spiritual journey.

Once the purpose is achieved of setting the aspirant on the path, the projected teacher moves out as a flame and the form of the Guru moves aside. Being the greatest benefactor and ally of the disciple, assisting him in many ways, both seen and unseen, he compassionately sets himself up as a milestone on the aspirant’s path of evolution as a Witness and an Observer.

Thus, these visuals in a step-by-step manner helped me to understand the Guru-shishya relationship in our spiritual evolutionary process. This has been revealed in a visual form so that in turn it may be presented as sign-posts for you – the meditators.

– Santosh Sachdeva

The visuals are sourced from the books Kundalini A Gentle Force (earlier titled Conscious Flight into the Empyrean), Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening by Santosh Sachdeva.

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