Mind And Meditation

After having gained some understanding of the role of prana (the life force) and the chakras in the body-mind organism, the next thing I became aware of was the Vibrations and the role of Affirmations that help to create balance. This awakening has been possible by being constantly aware and surrendered to the energy field of the Guru.

“I have only three things to teach: simplicity, patience, and compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”

– Lao Tzu

In the eight years that I have been in Brahma Vidya, the understanding I have gained is that once the Source Consciousness moves into the field of relativity or when the non-dual becomes dual, then the negative polarity dominates the positive, that is, the dominant focus shifts into the dense, contracted and compacted dimension of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. The subtle qualities that qualify these dimensions are:

Patience is the physical dimension. That means we begin by bringing balance in the physical dimension by adopting a steady, comfortable and a relaxed meditative posture so that there is no sense of discomfort that will distract us from moving into deeper states of meditation.

Compassion is the emotional dimension, which means to have the quality of sharing unconditional love, in order to give of ourselves without expectation of any return.

Simplicity is the mental dimension and the one that requires great deal of effort and awareness to bring to balance. This is so because this dimension has several layers of embedded data, from gross levels to more subtle levels of impressions. As the gross level of data processing and interpretation moves into the more subtle levels of mental impressions where there is less interpretation because there is less involvement, we start moving towards gradual detachment and thus towards balance in this dimension.

These three qualities help the aspirant create a state of balance between the physical, emotional and mental states thereby enabling the process of meditation.

To help me further to achieve balance and move at an accelerated pace on my journey, I was given by the astral Masters a particular mudra (special fingers and hand positions) to adopt when I would sit for meditation. This mudra is known as the Apan mudra. This mudra supports the removal of the toxins from the body and brings balance to the trinity of the physical, emotional and mental dimensions. The three elements represented by this mudra are: thumb represents fire or sun, middle finger represents space and ring finger represents earth.

It was amazing how I was shown this mudra so clearly in my meditation. It was only later when I came across the same mudra in a book and read about its effect on the body that I realized I was consistently being monitored and guided and supported in so many ways to accelerate as well as stay balanced in my evolutionary process.

To move towards and achieve this state of balance, my Guru advised to watch our breath and to become an observer of our thoughts. He said that the purpose of the mind is to think and it is part of being human. Rather than fighting it and identifying with the thought we should become a detached observer of whatever thinking is taking place.

As I became the detached observer, I saw a gaseous ball move out from the form of the Guru (Source Consciousness), which in turn started to emit smaller gaseous balls into the void that went flying around at random before falling into a pattern.

“As One Source Consciousness fragments Itself in multidimensional experience from subtle to dense, holistic awareness is forfeited. The speed of relative oscillation decelerates and the polarities seem separate from each other. Thus the truth is being Source and the illusion is not being Source. This is fragmented experience.” 

– Master Charles, Synchronicity Foundation International

The nature of the mind is to be always active in the dense negative polarity or the left cortical region. It keeps swinging like a pendulum from left to right and back again; always in motion, thus being the cause of tension and stress. By bringing awareness to the mind and allowing the thoughts to come, we will achieve balance.

The mirror image shows the vibrations of the right and left polarities. Their movements are in the opposite direction to each other. The speed of the left hemisphere is slower in comparison to the right hemisphere. “As One Source Consciousness densifies, the negative polarity dominates the positive… or illusion dominates truth. Illusion, however, is always pretense. It is a pretense that the becoming is different and separate than being… the object is separate and different than the subject.

We meditate to simply watch the experience that is happening and if the dominance is in the dense negative and contracted dimension i.e. if the left-brain is in constant state of data processing and interpretation, then the opposite should be emphasized to create balance.” This involves affirmative thinking and the use of mantras and affirmations in meditation.

– Master Charles, Synchronicity Foundation International

In due course as balance occurs through the practice of meditation and being in the energy field of the Guru, the positive polarity becomes dominant over the negative polarity and the holistic knowledge that both Truth as well as Illusion is Consciousness, is gained.

As witness consciousness in the subtle dimension becomes more dominant and constant in meditation, the process of complete detachment from all levels of the mental dimension starts.

As complete detachment occurs from all levels of mental data from the gross to the subtle impressions, the negative dense and contracted polarity gradually starts to merge with the positive polarity.

And as balance occurs, the negative merges into the positive and the dual relative polarity disappears. Then the non-dual as pure Source awareness remains.

“The Primary Trinity of the Physical, Emotional and Mental Dimensions is the densest of our dimensions wherein consciousness is most obscured or not in recognition of itself.”

So, in order to bring balance to the trinity, when we sit for meditation we must first adopt a posture that does not distract from our focus. With the stillness of the body, balance must also be achieved in the emotions and feelings. When these have become still then the mental dimension will follow. Once they (the trinity) are in balance then the subtle dimension opens up as witness consciousness or as a detached observer of the relative field. As witness consciousness in the subtle dimension becomes more dominant and constant in meditation and there is complete detachment from the mental dimension, then we are just watching stillness and then we progress to more subtle states of pure awareness in the causal and supracausal dimensions.

Thus, these visuals in a step-by-step manner helped me to understand the working of the mind, its two hemispheres and the necessity of being present in the energy field of the Guru and meditating with him. This has been revealed in a visual form so that in turn it may be presented as spiritual sign-posts for you – the meditators.

(The text to co-relate with the visuals has been sourced from: Master Charles’ “The Meditation Toolbox”)

– Santosh Sachdeva

The visuals are sourced from the books Kundalini A Gentle Force (earlier titled Conscious Flight into the Empyrean), Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening by Santosh Sachdeva.

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