Power Of Affirmations

After having gained some understanding of the role of prana (the life force) and the chakras in the body-mind organism, the next thing I became aware of was the Vibrations.

“Every thought takes shape and becomes visible in colour and form.”

– Liu Hua-Yang (1794)

Such is the power of thought and as my Guru says, every thought has the potential to actualize itself. Whatever we think comes into manifestation. A thought once unleashed is forever. Our parents and our grandparents have been since time immemorial cautioning us to watch what we are saying. Their guidance has always been to think good, to speak good and to be good, for as we think so we are. We can consciously or unconsciously create our thoughts and we need to be aware that all thoughts are released as we create them.

In our course of Brahma Vidya we have a series of affirmations. The result of the affirmation is in direct proportion to the power we bring to it. It does not mean that we create a headache by focusing on it. It just means that affirming should be accompanied by the flowing of positive feeling, in order to realize the full benefit of the affirmation. The words are almost peripheral to the experience, they simply serve to focus the awareness, while it is our intention and feeling behind it that creates the result.

I give below a few lines from the affirmations and their corresponding visual manifestation.

“Now I imagine a great light over my head…”

What I saw over the head was a white flame and its vibrations took on the shape of wings.

“And now I imagine a great heat at the base of the spine… It is coming up… up… up. And now I imagine a great light that comes from the flame that comes from the fire that gives the heat… the fire of Divine Love within me. It’s coming up and out… up and out… up and out… it strikes upon the surface of the body – it seems to go beyond the body… up and out… up and out!”

The above affirmation brought into manifestation the thought and words I was affirming. I could see my whole body aflame. I could enjoy the vision, as there was no sense of burning in the physical body since all experience takes place in the subtle realms. This probably burnt out the residue of karmas (system of Divine Justice) stored in the subtle body.

“If thine eye be single, the Single Eye, the Eternal Eye, the Third Eye, the Spiritual Eye (the Eye that I am now using…)”

“The centre between the eyebrows is connected with sight in yet another way. It is through it that the power of magnification of minute physical objects is exercised. A tine flexible tube of etheric matter is projected from the centre of it, resembling a microscopic snake with something like an eye at the end of it. This is the special organ used in that form of clairvoyance, and the eye at the end of it can be expanded or contracted, the effect being to change the power of magnification according to the size of the object which is being examined… This little snake projecting from the centre of the forehead was symbolized upon the head-dress of the Pharaoh of Eygpt…” 

“And now I stand fast lest the light be too strong for me as it returns to me, not from the one point from which I send it, but from all the points, it’s coming back… nearer… nearer… nearer… It overwhelms me – the light of Divine Wisdom, that love, that joy, that life that comes to me from everything, so that I see my whole body… this wide universe, full of light, light, light.”

“… the base of the spine is in fact a receiving station, a centre of distribution. From the centre of the Earth and from the Sun we draw the Kundalini power.”

– G. S. Arundale, Kundalini: An Occult Experience

My Guru says that a thought arose in Source Consciousness to see Itself in multitude. So, we can rightly believe that we are a product of that thought. That is the law within our universe; as soon as a thought gets manifested in the mind it simultaneously gets manifested through the universe, as in the microcosm so in the macrocosm. Once we figure this out then we will be self-motivated and self-empowered. If we are clear who we are and who we choose to be, we will easily manifest ourselves as such. Through conscious living we can create our experience and our reality.

Remember, all thoughts are forms and if we constantly think in life-affirmative ways, we will manifest life-affirmative experience. That is the power of affirmation.

Thus, these visuals in a step-by-step manner helped me to understand the role of Affirmations in our day-to-day living and in our spiritual evolutionary process. This has been revealed in a visual form so that in turn it may be presented as spiritual sign-posts for you – the meditators.

– Santosh Sachdeva

The visuals are sourced from the books Conscious Flight into the Empyrean, Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening by Santosh Sachdeva.

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