The Spiritual Heart

Source Consciousness Fragmenting Itself Into Multi-Dimensional Experience

My Guru said that when God wanted to manifest Himself in every animate and inanimate thing, Creation happened.

Master Charles Cannon of the Synchronicity Foundation, USA, explains it this way:

“As one Source Consciousness fragments Itself in multi-dimensional experience from subtle to dense, holistic awareness is forfeited. The speed of relative oscillation decelerates and the polarities seem to be separate from each other. Thus the truth is being Source and the illusion is not being Source. …As One Source Consciousness densifies, illusion dominates truth.”

A Spiral In Motion

All creation follows the process of constant involution and evolution.

Karmic Wheel

In the physical realms, all species transcend from one level of consciousness to another, or from one species into another. This process continues over several lifetimes until the individual consciousness achieves a state of balance in its evolution.

“The energy in the world flows from God at the centre, and back to God. The sages see life as a wheel, with each individual going round and round through the cycles of birth and death. Individuals remain on this wheel as long as they believe themselves to be separate; but once they realize their unity with God, then they break free.”

– Svetasvatara Upanishad

This balance would entail the merging of the right-brain and left-brain hemispheres

Merging Of The Right And Left Brain

During this process, the left-brain begins to relax. The band of fibres joining the hemispheres of the right brain and left brain loosen up to create an opening, thus enabling information to pass to and fro between the left and right brain. The opposing sides of the brain begin to integrate and synchronise with each other. This alters the functioning of the Ajna chakra (Brow chakra) and, through meditation, makes it possible to activate the process of regeneration and recovery of our higher consciousness. It’s a process of growth. A time comes when the individual consciousness reaches the stage of wanting to know, “Who am I, and where do I come from?” Thus starts the play of Consciousness. Master Charles says, “As Source, I create an illusion… a form of myself that I do not recognize… so that I may experience and magnify my delight in the process. This is the cosmic game of hide and seek and, as with all games, it is played for the fun of it.”

Expansion Of The Ajna Chakra

When this question (“Who am I, and where do I come from?”) arises in the individual consciousness, the activated Ajna chakra extends and unwinds to unfold the process involved for this enquiry.

Demarcating Area Of Manifestation

Then a beam of light shoots out from the Ajna chakra into the void.

It is equidistant to the left and to the right, at the top and at the bottom, thus defining space, north, south, east, west, up and down; demarcating an area for the time when it will choose to manifest.

The Creation Of The Subtle Body Grid

Sir John Woodroff calls It “The Serpent Fire.” Robert E. Svoboda says, “Kundalini has been described as vidyut lata, ‘lightning creeper’,” and Pandit Gopi Krishna calls It “Kundalini Path To Higher Consciousness.” Zachary F. Lansdowne, Ph.D tells us that, “The Kundalini energy has three different phases: ‘coiled’, when not stimulating any of the higher centres; ‘serpent of wisdom’, when stimulating one or more of the higher centres, prior to the activation of the basic chakra; and ‘dragon of living fire’, following the activation of the basic chakra.”

Then the three main nadis – Ida, Pingala and Sushumna come into being.

The Spiritual Heart As A Golden Ball Of Light

As soon as prana (the life force) starts flowing in the subtle channels, Consciousness projects a part of Itself as a shining ball of light and infuses the physical form by placing Itself in the right cavity of the ribcage, This is referred to as the Spiritual Heart.

Advaita Master Ramana Maharshi gives a detailed account of his revelation of the ‘Spiritual Heart’ in the book Self-Realization wherein he says: “I had a very clear vision and experience. All of a sudden, a light came from one side erasing the world vision in its course until it spread all around… the vision of the world was completely cut out. I felt that the muscular organ on the left had stopped working; I could understand that the body was like a corpse, that the circulation of blood had stopped and the body became blue and motionless…. All the time I was feeling that the heart centre on the right was working as well as ever. This state continued for 15-20 minutes. Then suddenly something shot out from the right to the left resembling a rocket bursting in air. The blood circulation was resumed and normal condition restored.”

Shaktipat Blows The Personality Into Smithereens

At the conscious level for this realization to dawn upon an aspirant, it would probably entail an experience in Shaktipat (energy transmission) where the personality is blown into smithereens to reveal the only constant – ‘the Spiritual Heart’.

The Spiritual Heart In Its Full Glory

Where should we place our focus?

According to Ramana Maharshi, “The Godly atom of the Self is to be found in the right chamber of the heart, about one finger-width’s distance from the body’s midline. Here lies the heart, the dynamic Spiritual Heart. It is called Hridaya, and is located on the right side of the chest, and is clearly visible to the inner eye of an adept on the spiritual path.”

We notice that when we say “Oh God” or a simple statement – “I am so happy”…both our hands move up to cross on our chest. The Spiritual Heart is the God residing within us, or, to be more precise, it is part of the Whole and is constantly lending us support, without question or any form of judgement.

A simple example to illustrate the compassion and support of God residing within us would be a thief, before he has embarked on his thieving. His consciousness, or the voice of God within, will send out signals of the criminal activity he is engaging in. It will warn him of the dangers and if he does not listen, the voice of Consciousness, or the God within, will lend full support in the planning by pointing out loop-holes to be avoided and the safeguards to be adopted. There is no judgement. This goes on and when the individual is ready to understand the life-purpose, the Spiritual Heart or God within will point him towards the road from where he has to start his journey of self-discovery.

So, how do miracles happen? We feel we are addressing a power outside of ourselves. Whereas, if we make a sincere intent, then the Light of Consciousness residing within us will start the process of fructifying that intent provided we, in our unconscious thought pattern, have not added further intents, wishes or desires, thus pushing the main intent into the recess of stored desires.

Sutratma – The Thread That Binds All The Selves In The Human Being With The Divine

One beam of light projects itself from the void into a point at the base of the head. It then moves out again and, curving over the head, it enters the chest; in other words, the Spiritual Heart. This serves as the connecting point, or as the service station, between the Source Consciousness and the individual’s consciousness termed as the Spiritual Heart. The experiential knowledge from the Source Consciousness is received at this centre at the base of the head, and interpreted at the Spiritual Heart centre.

“The Sutratma is the direct stream of life flowing from the monad (i.e. God) through the spiritual triad and causal body, to the personality, where it finds its anchor in the etheric heart.”

– Zachary F. Lansdowne, Ph.D., The Chakras and Esoteric Healing

When you reach the level of unconscious competence, then you make it simpler for the Source Consciousness residing within you as the Spiritual Heart, to generate miracles for you. Then you will find that ‘miracles’ are happening every moment.

– Santosh Sachdeva

The visuals are sourced from the books Kundalini A Gentle Force (earlier titled Conscious Flight into the Empyrean), Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening by Santosh Sachdeva.

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